1. My fave IS problematicIf you dismiss everybody as an awful person every time they make a mistake, then your list of people you find acceptable to support is gonna be really small.


  2. elementalsight:


    Surreal Artworks by Akexander Rommel

    This is the sort of art I’d love to one day have on my walls.

    Very clever!

  3. lies:


    From Marcin Przybys, Tengwar New Light and Tengwar New Bold

    This project is a kind of playing with typography.

    J.R.R. Tolkien created new race – Elves with their language, culture and stylish alphabet. But did you ever imagine that the Elves evolve to present time ? Would they have their own Helvetica ?  How their „Hengwar” typeface would develop ?I made two modern elvish „Tengwar” typfaces (Tengwar New Light and Tengwar New Bold).


    Nothing about this I do not love.

    Modernized Elvish font!!!!

  4. p-alindrome:

    let me just say a few things about ‘all about that bass’ real quick

    1. it’s a song about body positivity and we don’t get many of those so can we just take that into consideration please
    2. i know people are kicking off about her using the phrase “skinny bitches” but she does follow it up with "no, i’m just playing i know you think you’re fat / but i’m here to tell you that / every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top"  she’s taken an insult commonly given to slim women and basically a said so what if you are skinny/skinny but you think you’re fat, YOU’RE STILL PERFECT 
    3. i’ve seen shit loads of people saying it makes them feel more confident, and slim women get a ton of media reinforcing the idea that their body is perfect anyway

    New favorite song <3

  5. mstrkrftz:

Two | Péter Bognár

What a great action shot!


    Two | Péter Bognár

    What a great action shot!

  6. One of my @campflix kids saw that my typewriter photo made it to Instagram&#8217;s Explore page! Sweet!

    One of my @campflix kids saw that my typewriter photo made it to Instagram’s Explore page! Sweet!

  7. thegetty:

    The [eight] liberal arts taught as basic studies in medieval universities are personified here as elegant young women dressed at the height of fashion.

    Grammar, Rhetoric, Logic, Music, Geometry, Arithmetic, and Astronomy all line up headed by Philosophy. They hold in their hands clues as to which studies they represent.

    Philosophy Presenting the Seven Liberal Arts to Boethius, about 1460 - 1470, Attributed to the Coetivy Master. J. Paul Getty Museum.


    Now, let medieval wimmens in the university to learn that stuff, not just personify them, and I’d propose to it.

    I don’t know.

  8. Note: never tell me your favorite movie scene ;)

    This is brilliant :D

  9. "

    The problem that needs to be fixed is not kick all the girls out of YA, it’s teach boys that stories featuring female protagonists or written by female authors also apply to them. Boys fall in love. Boys want to be important. Boys have hopes and fears and dreams and ambitions. What boys also have is a sexist society in which they are belittled for “liking girl stuff.” Male is neutral, female is specific.

    I heard someone mention that Sarah Rees Brennan’s THE DEMON’S LEXICON would be great for boys, but they’d never read it with that cover. Friends, then the problem is NOT with the book. It’s with the society that’s raising that boy. It’s with the community who inculcated that boy with the idea that he can’t read a book with an attractive guy on the cover.

    Here’s how we solve the OMG SO MANY GIRLS IN YA problem: quit treating women like secondary appendages. Quit treating women’s art like it’s a niche, novelty creation only for girls. Quit teaching boys to fear the feminine, quit insisting that it’s a hardship for men to have to relate to anything that doesn’t specifically cater to them.

    Because if I can watch Raiders of the Lost Ark and want to grow up to be an archaeologist, there’s no reason at all that a boy shouldn’t be able to read THE DEMON’S LEXICON with its cover on. My friends, sexism doesn’t just hurt women, and our young men’s abysmal rate of attraction to literacy is the proof of it.

    If you want to fix the male literary crisis, here’s your solution:

    Become a feminist.

    The Problem is Not the Books by Saundra Mitchell (via becketted)

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